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Company History

M13 Graphics began back in 1998 as DPB Graphix operating as a freelance design company, and consisting of just one person. This operation went on for four years with continuous growth until March of 2002 when there was a name change and it was finally set out to become a business. The name was changed to M13 Graphics and aggressive growth was about to begin.

M13 Graphics started out as a company that mainly provided graphic and web design. It was not until July of 2002 that M13 Graphics shifted its business model into a printing company. Afterwards, M13 Graphics grew extremely quickly obtaining enough business to justify moving out of our "basement" office and into a 250 square foot office in Schaumburg. M13 Graphics had captured a market that was new to the business world and it would grow at an astronomical rate. Web design was no longer offered and M13 Graphics had become a printing and graphic design company like no other. After an obvious realization, M13 Graphics adopted the slogan "There is no alternative." It may sound arrogant to most clientele, but it really holds true.

By August of 2003, the company that had been in a basement office just a year and a half earlier had now grown to a company with five employees and an 850 square foot office. By this point annual revenue had doubled each year and business was going great. A formal agreement was made with an out of state printer to do all of the offset printing for M13 Graphics.

In August of 2005, M13 graphics made yet another move into a new office space. This time it was a 3,000 square foot office and we had now increased our staff to a total of ten. Shortly after the move to the fourth M13 Graphics location, an exclusive agreement was made with a local printing company to do all offset printing for M13 Graphics. This agreement would increase the company's reliability and speed tremendously!

M13 Graphics moved to its fifth and current location in November of 2007. The new location, this time, would be a 50,000 square foot office and plant. The building was purchased in May of 2007 and underwent a massive renovation to make it the building you see today. Upon making this move, M13 Graphics purchased its first 40 inch six color press with UV Coater from Mitsubishi. A stronger partnership was formed between M13 Graphics and its exclusive printer and they would now share space and equipment with us at the new facility. M13 Graphics at the same time increased its staff and now employed about 18 people.

Our exclusive printer underwent some struggles from the economy in 2008 and 2009 and moved out to a smaller operation on their own. As of October 2009, M13 Graphics is now completely independent. We now manufacture entirely on our own at the same facility with almost 50 employees.

There is no telling where M13 Graphics will go from there. At this point (June 2024), M13 Graphics has serviced almost 20,000 customers nationwide and has printed several billion impressions. M13 Graphics continues to dominate the market across the country while providing speedy turnaround and excellent service!

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