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About Our Spot UV Gloss Coating Service

What is Spot UV Gloss Coating?

Spot UV gloss coating or commonly referred to as “Spot UV” is the application of UV gloss coating only in specific areas of the printing product. There are at least two popular uses for incorporating Spot UV into your designs. The way we recommend, which stands out the most, is to use patterns or watermarks in your design over a solid color background, especially black. It can also be used to highlight text, design elements, and logos, but we recommend against using Spot UV in this way alone. These elements already stand out and making them Spot UV won’t make it pop off the page as much as you’d think.

Finished Spot UV Sample

Which products can have Spot UV Gloss Coating?

Spot UV is available on all our products that are printed on 16pt Extra Thick C2S Cardstock with UV High Gloss Coating on both sides.

Creating Spot UV Gloss Coating Files

There needs to be Spot UV files in addition to your regular CMYK print files. A two-sided printing product requires two CMYK print files and two Spot UV files. The Spot UV file should be solid black where you DO NOT want UV Gloss Coating and solid white where you DO want UV Gloss Coating. (Black=Matte, White=Gloss) A one-sided printing product requires one CMYK print file and one Spot UV file.

Files need to be named in a way that tells which files go together.
Front Color.jpg, Front Spot UV.jpg
Back Color.jpg, Back Spot UV.jpg

Make sure to remember that the Black in your Spot UV file is where the design will NOT be glossy. (It’s the opposite of what you’d think.) If you already designed it the other way around, it’s ok and we can correct it. Please just be sure to let us know in the notes of your order or call, so we can reverse your file. (There is no charge for this fix.)

As always with all printing products, our expert prepress team will inspect your Spot UV designs before we begin production. You can rest easy that we are looking out for you.

CMYK Artwork Sample Spot File Sample Layered Spot UV Sample